Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hope springs eternal in the human breast.And its good that it does,for we cannot live without hope.But,with it,we can live successfully.It doesnt make any difference how much difficulty people experience;with hope,they can still go forward.

Hope!What a wonderful word it is! Write it indelibly on your mind.H-O-P-E. It is a bright word,shining and scintillating and dynamic,forward-looking full of courage and optimism. With this word,let us begin tomorrow. What lies beyond the threshold of today u dont know,nor do I. We can speculate,but we dont know. Inescapably,however,we must cross that threshold,and,with the golden gift of hope,can cross confidently,eagerly,optimistically. This life is not easy!It is often fraught with pain and suffering. But hope gives you a lifting upthrust that takes you above the suffering. Storms sweep down upon human beings individually. And they sweep down over society. But,if you hope in God and do the right thing accordingly, as you're given to know the right, storms pass after a while. No one ought to go through life without developing a philosophy about storms. Storms are to toughen woods; storms are to plough up the earth; storms are to test human beings; storms are hard, but one great thing about them is that they always pass.