Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Any person who needs a change within himself or within his life,can have this take place by changing his mind. This,however,cannot be superficial mental change:it must be in-depth.And such a change can be extremely effective. A truly positive attitude faces all the cold,hard realities of a situation and sees them straight. It does not desire to evade them-bcoz it knows it can handle them.A positive mental attitude is positive thinking in-depth. It is vertical thinking:It rise to God,comes back to you,back to God,back to you,the power passes along a verticle line, and lest you think this is some kind of psychological dissertation,there is a text from Bible that supports it. Romans 12:2 says"BE YE TRANSFORMED BY THE RENEWING OF YOUR MIND".That means if you dont like the way you are now,you can change urself,by making a fundamental change in ur mind. There is in u that indescribable thing called God's power.It is power over urself,a power over situations,a power over circumstances. If u exercise this power,amazing things can be done. it is through the use of a positive mental attitude that u hav such power.Now u should be humble about it.It isnt ur power. It is GOD living within u! If u live ur days thinking on an elevated,positive level with GOD,everything including urself,will change. Problems that before u couldnt handle,U now will be able to handle. Situations that previously u couldnt endure,u now will b able to endure or even change.Accept this. Tell urself,"I WILL LIVE WITH THE MAGIC OF POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE THROUGH THE HELP OF LORD JESUS CHRIST"-and u'll never be the same person again-u will be a new person. Trust me....I'm sharing it from my experience.

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