Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is Fame your aspiration?
Her path is steep and high;
In vain he seeks her temple,
Content to gaze and sigh;
The shining throne is waiting,
But he alone can take it
Who says,with Roman firmness,
"I'll find a way,or make it."

Is Learning your ambition?
There is no royal road;
Alike the peer
Who feels the thirst of knowledge,
In Helicon may slake it;
If he has still the Roman will
"I'll find a way or make it."

Are Riches worth the getting?
They must be bravely sought;
With wishing or with fretting,
The boon cannot be bought;
To all the prize is open,
But only he can take it;
Who says,with Roman courage
"I'll find a way or make it."

I read this poem when I was in a state of depression....not sure what life holds for me, used to be really low in life....I know people who know me now...wont believe this fact....and one more fact that remains a fact is that friends who've seen me in that stage wont't believe of what I am now :)
This poem and many such material helped me to gather my whole self together....just thought of sharing it with you a hope that it might help you regain ur lost enthusiasm.


Ekam said...

Didn't know that you had 'that' time also. Glad that you are out of depressing phase of your life. And continue to be so. God bless you:)

Hoping to see your posts regularly now:)

khushi said...

well i too hope i'd continue writing in yaar....and yup have seen all colors of lyf....with all the contrasts...:)