Sunday, April 12, 2009


This is in fond memory of past 24years of my life that I've spent in this world so far. "24 years"- whew......not an easy task but I somehow managed to be "MYSELF" most of the time. I did see loads of ups and down in this period but that's the art of living. Life's like a roller coaster. The only difference- apart from the nauseating feeling that you get from this change of going up and getting down, you learn to struggle, take control of yourself and most important, You learn a "Lesson". And for me that "Lesson" part is quite appealing. I learnt a lot in all these years, and I know, I still have a real long way to go. But at this moment, I just want to stop for a second and reflect and assess and by all means, want to thank all those who turned up in my life during these 24 years- sometimes as friends, as cousins. as well wishers, teachers, strangers.....anything and everything. Even if you did hurt me at any moment of my life so me, I learnt something from that too. I learnt the intensity and consequences of pain. I learnt and swore I'd never let anyone feel hurt in that particular way because of me.....And you bet, I'm keeping up with that promise :)

And while am showing my gratitude to people who came across me at various moments....I'd specially thank those who remembered me and cared to share their agony when they felt low. This list is real long so I wont mention any name but yes I'd definitely say one thing," I'm glad and feel honored that you guys thought I'm worth being a person with whom you can share your dilemma, But I'd be more happy if at the end of our discussion I can leave a smile on your face.....coz that's more important and rewarding for me".

Few days back someone asked me "My MOTTO of life".....and all I could do was to hum this particular song....its one of my favourite....and so I'd end this piece of reflection with this thought and motto...."Yeh Lamha Filhaal Jee lene de" :)
Hope I stick to this motto for next 24 years.........atleast :P

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Ekam said...

Each & every person which comes across us in our life, makes a very important part in our lives. Its all so connected. May be in a positive or negative manner.
And you are worth it Khushi. Thanks to YOU for being there:)